Credit Risk: risk or opportunity?

Credit Risk, risk or opportunityIn the past, I have talked about risk-aware culture and Enterprise Risk but have not so far talked about a risk that is part of the business. In the same vein without taking that risk companies can’t survive. This situation becomes a reality as soon as a company or a lender issues credit or lends money. Continue reading

The impact of socio, political and economic chaos on risk appetite

risk despite, economic uncertainty

risk despite, economic uncertainty

“Socio, political and economic imbalances will create an unnatural sense of stability in this chaotic world”

I can only surmise how confusing the world might be looking to you, both from geo-politics and state of economy. We have moved into into an era of indecisiveness. When I make this statement, it pertains to both the political and economic landscape. Continue reading

The Role of Mergers and Acquisitions

In one of my previous blogs “Fail to innovate at your peril”, I talked about how business and technology innovation was necessary to break the norm to continue as a profitable enterprise. The statistics around this is very simple.

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Current events and what are the implications for CFOs & ASEAN businesses

Implications for CFO and ASEAN Business

While we all are facing the pinch of economic uncertainty there are some positive signs that are slowly emerging. Although in my mind, we are not out of the woods yet. In this part of the world, there have been interesting developments in India’s and China’s economy.

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Technological innovation is a financial necessity

Anlaytics CFO, Technology Innovation, role of CFOWe are in a new era of finance and technology. Senior financial decision makers are now able to get answers to complex business questions that they didn’t even think possible. Analytics is making this possible.

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